Collection: Arctic Cat Prowler 500

Spare parts for Arctic Cat Prowler 500

Arctic Cat Prowler 500 is a utility UTV that is perfect for work and fun. This side-by-side has compact dimensions, a powerful engine, independent suspension and full drive, which allows it to overcome any obstacles. To keep your UTV in good condition, you need quality spare parts, which you can order in our store.

In our store you will find all the necessary spare parts for your Arctic Cat Prowler 500, such as:

Engine: this is a single-cylinder engine with a volume of 443 cc with electronic fuel injection, which develops 38 hp and provides excellent traction and economy. In our store you will find spark plugs, oil and air filters, gaskets, pistons, rings, cylinders, valves, thermostats, pumps, belts and chains, sensors and other engine parts.

Suspension: this is an independent suspension with shock absorbers on all wheels, which provides comfort and maneuverability on any surface. In our store you will find shock absorbers, springs, rods, levers, ball joints, bushings, hubs, bearings, seals and other suspension parts.

Brake system: this is a hydraulic system with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, which provides effective and safe braking. In our store you will find pads, discs, calipers, cables, hoses, cylinders, handles and pedals, fluid and other brake system parts.

Electrical: this is a modern system with electronic switching of drive modes 2WD/4WD, digital instrument panel, LED headlights and rear lights, 12 V socket and electric starter. In our store you will find batteries, chargers, voltage regulators, starters, generators, switches, relays, fuses, lamps, headlights, turn signals and other electrical parts.

Body: this is a sturdy and lightweight body with comfortable seats for two people, a large trunk and protective elements. In our store you will find wings, bumpers, hoods, covers, grilles, mirrors, handles, locks, emblems, stickers and other body parts.

We offer you only quality spare parts, which guarantee the durability and safety of your UTV. You can easily find the necessary spare part by the catalog number or by the model of your UTV. If you have any questions or difficulties with the choice, our team of consultants will gladly help you and advise you on the optimal option.

Order spare parts for your UTV Arctic Cat Prowler 500 in our store and get quality, warranty and fast delivery. With us your UTV will always be in excellent condition and ready for new adventures.