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O-Ring Yamaha DT 125, XV 250 VIRAGO, YP 400 Majesty, XP 560 TMAX, genuine 93210-19123

O-Ring Yamaha DT 125, XV 250 VIRAGO, YP 400 Majesty, XP 560 TMAX, genuine 93210-19123

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Original o-ring for scooter, motorcycle & ATV Yamaha.
Yamaha ER1050-U
Yamaha ER1050-V
Yamaha EX1050A-T
Yamaha EX1050A-U
Yamaha EX1050A-V
Yamaha EX1050A-X
Yamaha EX1050B-T
Yamaha EX1050B-U
Yamaha EX1050B-V
Yamaha EX1050B-X
Yamaha EX1050C-T
Yamaha EX1050C-U
Yamaha EX1050C-V
Yamaha EX1050C-X
Yamaha EX1050D-X
Yamaha EX-LIMITED-(EX1050D-W)
Yamaha JB1050-X
Yamaha SJ1050
Yamaha VX1050A-T
Yamaha VX1050A-U
Yamaha VX1050A-V
Yamaha VX1050A-X
Yamaha VX1050B-T
Yamaha VX1050B-U
Yamaha VX1050B-V
Yamaha VX1050B-X
Yamaha VX1050C-T
Yamaha VX1050C-U
Yamaha VX1050C-V
Yamaha VX1050C-X
Yamaha VX1050D-X
Yamaha VX1050E-X
Yamaha VX1050F-T
Yamaha VX1050F-U
Yamaha VX1050F-V
Yamaha VX1050F-X
Yamaha VX1050G-U
Yamaha VX1050G-V
Yamaha VX1050G-X
Yamaha WOLVERINE-X2-850-(YXE850EN)
Yamaha YXE1000EW
Yamaha YXE1000EWS
Yamaha YXE850EN
Yamaha YXF1000EW
Yamaha YXF1000EWS
Yamaha YXF850E
Yamaha YXF850ES
Yamaha YXZ1000E
Yamaha YXZ1000ES
Yamaha YXZ1000ET
Yamaha YXZ1000ETS
Yamaha YXZ1000ET-YXZ10YEXK-YXZ1000R-S
Yamaha YXZ1000E-YXZ1000R
Yamaha YXZ1000R-(YXZ1000E)
Yamaha YXZ1000R-SS-(YXZ1000ET)
Yamaha AG200
Yamaha AG200F
Yamaha DT125
Yamaha DT125LC
Yamaha DT125R
Yamaha DT125RE
Yamaha DT125RE-DT125R
Yamaha DT125X
Yamaha DT125X-DT-125-SM
Yamaha DT200R
Yamaha DT200WR
Yamaha DT230-DT230L
Yamaha DT230-LANZA
Yamaha głowica
Yamaha MT09
Yamaha MT-09-(MTN890)
Yamaha MT09A
Yamaha MT-09-SP-(MTN890D)
Yamaha MT09TRA
Yamaha MTM850
Yamaha MTM850-XSR900
Yamaha MTN850-A
Yamaha MTN850-A-MT-09-ABS
Yamaha MTN850D
Yamaha MTN890
Yamaha MTN890D
Yamaha MTT850
Yamaha MTT850D
Yamaha MTT850D-TRACER-900-GT
Yamaha MTT850-TRACER-900
Yamaha MTT890
Yamaha MTT890D
Yamaha MXT850
Yamaha MXT850D
Yamaha PW80
Yamaha R1-Z
Yamaha RD125LC
Yamaha RD350
Yamaha RD350LC
Yamaha RD350LCF
Yamaha RD500LC
Yamaha RD75LC
Yamaha RT100
Yamaha RT100-RT100M
Yamaha RX115
Yamaha RZ350S
Yamaha RZ50
Yamaha SDR
Yamaha SR125
Yamaha SR250
Yamaha SR250SP
Yamaha SRX250
Yamaha ST225-BRONCO
Yamaha TDR125
Yamaha TDR240
Yamaha TDR250
Yamaha TMAX-(XP560)
Yamaha TRACER-9-GT-(MTT890D)
Yamaha TT250R
Yamaha TT250R-TT250RS
Yamaha TT250R-TT-R250-TT250RT
Yamaha TT-R125
Yamaha TT-R125E
Yamaha TT-R125LW
Yamaha TT-R125LWE
Yamaha TT-R230-TTR230V
Yamaha TTR90
Yamaha TT-R90
Yamaha TT-R90E
Yamaha TW125
Yamaha TW200
Yamaha TW200E
Yamaha TW200E-TW200ES
Yamaha TW200E-TW200R
Yamaha TW200E-TW200T
Yamaha TW225E
Yamaha TY250Z
Yamaha TY250Z-TY250
Yamaha TZ50
Yamaha TZR125
Yamaha TZR250
Yamaha TZR250R
Yamaha TZR250RS
Yamaha TZR250RSP
Yamaha TZR250SP
Yamaha TZR250SPR
Yamaha Układ
Yamaha WR200R
Yamaha WR250F
Yamaha WR250R
Yamaha WR250X
Yamaha WR400F
Yamaha WR426F
Yamaha WR450F
Yamaha XG250-TRICKER
Yamaha XP500
Yamaha XP500A
Yamaha XP530-A
Yamaha XP530-A-TMAX-SX-ABS
Yamaha XP530D-A
Yamaha XP530E-A
Yamaha XP560D
Yamaha XP560D-A
Yamaha XP560E-A
Yamaha XSR900-(MTM890)
Yamaha XT125
Yamaha XT225-SEROW
Yamaha XT225S-SEROW
Yamaha XT225WE
Yamaha XT225WE-SEROW
Yamaha XT225W-SEROW
Yamaha XT225-XT225E
Yamaha XT250
Yamaha XT250T-XT250
Yamaha XT350
Yamaha XT350N
Yamaha XT660R
Yamaha XT660X
Yamaha XT660Z
Yamaha XT660ZA
Yamaha XV125
Yamaha XV125S-VIRAGO
Yamaha XV125-VIRAGO
Yamaha XV240-VIRAGO
Yamaha XV250
Yamaha XV250S
Yamaha XV250S-VIRAGO
Yamaha XV250-VIRAGO
Yamaha XV250-XV250S-VIRAGO
Yamaha XVS250
Yamaha YB-1-YB1-4
Yamaha YB-1-YB-1FOUR-YB1-4
Yamaha YF200S
Yamaha YF350Z
Yamaha YF80M
Yamaha YFA1
Yamaha YFA-1
Yamaha YFB250
Yamaha YFB250FW
Yamaha YFM100
Yamaha YFM125A
Yamaha YFM200
Yamaha YFM200DX
Yamaha YFM225N
Yamaha YFM250
Yamaha YFM250R
Yamaha YFM50
Yamaha YFM660FWA
Yamaha YFM80
Yamaha YFM80T
Yamaha YFM80U
Yamaha YFM80W
Yamaha YFS200
Yamaha YFS250
Yamaha YFU1T
Yamaha YFZ350
Yamaha YFZ350U
Yamaha YFZ450
Yamaha YP250R
Yamaha YP400
Yamaha YP400A
Yamaha YXR450F
Yamaha YXR660F
Yamaha YXR700F
Yamaha YZ125
Yamaha YZ250
Yamaha YZ250F
Yamaha YZ250FX
Yamaha YZ250X
Yamaha YZ400F
Yamaha YZ426F
Yamaha YZ450F
Yamaha YZ450FX
Yamaha YZ65
Yamaha YZ80
Yamaha YZ80LW
Yamaha YZ85
Yamaha YZ85-(YZ85LW)
Yamaha YZ85LW
Yamaha YZ85LW-YZ85
Yamaha YZF-R125

Part number Yamaha 932-10191-23-00, 932101912300, 932-10191-23, 9321019123, 932 10191 23

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SKU: 93210-19123

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